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Punk, Ska, Reggae, Jazz, Swing, Rap, Dub, and Techno

Like music? Of course you do!

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Hey! This community is for everyone who likes Punk, Ska, Reggae, Jazz, Swing, Rap, Dub, Techno, or any other genre for that matter really (except emo...ew!)... I guess it's just a music community in general... The only rule is: No hating because of race, sex, sexual preference, religion, or taste in music... with that said... have fun!

Talk about new and interesting bands that you'd like to introduce to the world, or discuss all your old favs... also, post tour dates, events, stories, pictures... whatever you want, really!

This is not a rating community. You won't be accepted or rejected. There's no reason to boost your ego or make you feel bad here... All we ask is that you be an intelligent member... If you act like an idiot, a mod will ban you. Hooray!

Alright! That's it! Tell your friends and your brother and your sister and mother!

Created and modded by: irish_rebel

Community Rules:
1) No racism, sexism, ageism, homophobism, or any other forms of bigotry or intolerance.
2) Arguing is fine, but keep it civil, k? Be nice!
3) If you would like a band added to the community's interests list, create a post titled "Nomination". State which band you would like nominated. All users who wish may vote on the nominated band. Only votes cast within 24 hours will be accepted. Simple majority rules.
4)If you would like a band removed from the community's interests list, create a post titled "Denomination". State which band you would like removed. All users who wish may vote on the denominated band. Only votes cast within 24 hours will be accepted. Simple majority rules.
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